SOS: To backdate or not to backdate?

Life as I know it is pretty simple. I’m not being modest when I write that – I fill my life with pretty things and live simply. That being said, when pretty things mostly consist of adventurous donut toppings and living simply is just a flowery way of saying I am eternally skint, I’m not too sure if I qualify for such an ambiguous introduction.

Sitting at my desk daydreaming my summer break away, I had a dream. I’m not going to lie, we’re not talking on quite the same scale as old MLK right now, but we’re pretty damn close. I need to do something. Anything. Just not nothing, which is exactly what I currently do; I go to work to earn for my ridiculous lifestyle choices (champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget springs to mind) and then I go home, cook, clean, think about exercising whilst ramming a Slimming World lighter life chocolate bar down my throat, think about ways to avoid exercising whilst ramming another Slimming World lighter life chocolate bar down my throat, get ‘upset’ that I have no time left to exercise, pack up and come back to work. Completely and utterly fucking boring.

How at the ripe old age of 22 am I feeling like this?!

So I have decided to make a change. Take control. Or attempt too. Let’s call it a ‘personal little project’, so I don’t scare myself too much. Nothing too tying (ooh er) with absolutely no rules – just a space for me to clear my head and get my experiences down before I forget them, which leads me to the big question…

To backdate or not to backdate?!

Is this blog going to be my experiences going forward, after I have had quite frankly a frigging amazing summer? What about all of the fantastic holidays and horrendous pictures I could bore the internet with?!? OMG WHAT ABOUT ALL OF MY BELOVED (and massively popular) FOOD REVIEWS ON TRIPADVISOR!?!?!?

Gah! Way too much thinking for one day. I guess i will simply have to sleep on it. Now where did I hide those chocolate bars…

Jen x




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