OPERATION ORGANISE: How to ensure you have packed all of your holiday essentials

Well the day has finally come – I’m off on my jollies tomorrow! That’s right, the annual last-minute nightmare of attempting to cram everything I own bar the kitchen sink into my tiny hand luggage case (many thanks, Ryanair) is upon me, except this time things  will be different.

I refuse to be a victim! Gone are the days that this chick is up until 2 hours before the taxi weeping silently into my memory foam travel pillow (which can I just say was a complete waste of time and money: sleep + flights = BULLSHIT). This time round i have it completely under control, and nothing is going to get in my way. But what is this mystical solution i speak about? Surely there cannot be a simple answer to this age-old issue? Well folks, there is. You heard it here first; PLANNING (altogether now: oooooh).

From the tiniest things (Gold Primark Hoops) to the most obvious (Beach Towel), nothing has gone amiss.


Nothing has been missed (sweat off!)

I won’t bore you with the nitty-gritty of what I have planned, nor will I patronise you with what you should pack – dang it you is probably a grown ass person, you should know. However, I have broken it down into little subcategories that make it simpler for my tiny mind.


Starting from the top, we have; Face with essentials such as make up and overnight cream; Hair with everything down to bobby pins; Clothing (this is where it gets painful) which includes a full set of evening outfit ideas for each night staying, a full set of daytime clothes which can be thrown on and a full list of jewellery corresponding to which outfit they are for; Swimming (again, equally as painful…oh i do love being a woman!) inclusive of each of my five swimsuits and my three pairs of flip-flops and finally Miscellaneous which holds everything that doesn’t quite fit into the other categories (chargers, iPod docking station etc).

Now I’m not going to lie to you. This whole exercise has probably been one of, if not THE greatest procrastination experience I have ever indulged in. However, it sure has lifted a weight from my shoulders and soothed my chaotic, messy mind. Hey, one less job before I go I suppose! What’s in your holiday essentials? Comment below.

As for me? I’m clocking off – one too many Piña colada’s calling my name! I’ll try to update you as and when I’m sober enough, no promises though!

Jen x


Don’t be too jel bitches!


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