Dublin (- adingdong) PART 1: The good points

Wowzerstrousers ladies and gents, this chick has just got back from a girly weekend in Dublin(-adingdong, as i have since proudly coined) and what an experience!

What exact type of experience, i’m not quite sure…

I know I had a great time. In all fairness, it is very rare I travel somewhere new and don’t enjoy myself. However, there are a few things that have…how do i put this…left a bad taste in my mouth(!?), and before all you filthy animals start accusing me of being rank, let me explain.

Ok, it is probably a lot fairer if I begin with the things I really, really loved.

1. Public Transport system rocks my socks.

Clean, un-smelly, fast, often…I loved the trams! After years of dodging the piss-stained seats of the Manchester tram system, I literally wanted to cry eve
ry time I boarded these heavenly tin cans. Not the cheapest, but we will get to that…

2. Temple Bar area is amazing.

Urgh the beauty of this place really grinds my gears. Due to the fact that we went at (what I’m assuming) is the best time of year, the bar itself was decked outemplebardublint in all its Christmas glory. Love, Love, Love! Massively made up for the absence of Christmas markets…(more on that next week!). Also tied with this is the music. Categorically, best live music I have ever experienced; Just sheer amazing-ness, at all times of day. Don’t tell anyone but I may have cried at Galway Girl. MAY HAVE!! The chaps performing always were the top of their game and really knew how to get the crowds bouncing, and bounce we did!

3. The food is to fucking die for…

…in most places. For some reason, it seemed like the majority of people from Dublin are  obsessed with (historically) one of the most precious combinations known to man – chips, cheese and garlic sauce *insert 200 heart emoji’s here*. As an avid garlic fiend by day this was like music to my ears, eyes, taste…all the senses. Props to the food in general in all honesty – even the supermarkets (and even the 100 million SPAR’s which line the streets) had an amazing, mouthwatering selection of shit. Jeeeeez check me out, actually impressed with the range of food on offer in a corner shop, I am getting more and more like my mother every day…fucks sake!

4. Lovely lotemple-streetcals

Whilst wandering through the main sections of the tourist districts (town centre, temple bar; various historical artifacts which i definitely got out of bed bright and early to see. In the rain. With a raging hangover) it is very clear to see why every local was friendly as fuck. We, as tourists, must make up a fair whack of their trade annually, if not entirely. That being said, a lot of the locals were really accommodating when us scuzzy bitches were asking where would be cheapest to get a Carlsberg, so fair play. Shame I couldn’t pull one! For the life of me, cannot see why!

Fingers crossed if you are on your way to Dublin in the near future, this post fills your heart with joy. 

However, if you are on your way to Dublin soon, I would advise you don’t read my next post, as I will be revealing my shit parts.

As always, let me know what you think down there (oi oi!).

Jen x





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