All the gear with no idea…

When I started this blog, as naive as I was, my intention was to remain faceless and update you all on the day to day crumbling’s of an incredibly immature 19 year old. This was to include all of the gigs I’d managed to wangle my way into (work in progress), all of the travel I’d blagged (somewhat more succesful) and inform you of all of the dirty little secrets i’d acrued along the way.

It is 4 years later, and I am at a loss. I have no desire to open myself up to the entire world, metaphorically speaking. But what does this mean for the future of ‘Naughtiness’?

Could I vlog, trialling new products? Could I use this space to rant about my slimming world escapades? Or the latest fad diet i’m attempting? Could I use this area as a beauty and fashion haul, revealing any good bargains I’d blagged?

Let me know what appeals to you most in the comments.

Until then, hopefully coming soon…

Jen x